Welcome to my blog about making molds. My name is Alex and I am a sculptor, ceramist, and mold maker working near Santa Fe, NM. I created this blog to promote my side-business making plaster molds for other clay artists. Please contact me if you need some made.

Recent work: mold maker 2015

The following pictures of molds I have made for other artists in the last couple months. I try to keep these patrons anonymous and take photos that showcase the molds and not their work.

 Probably my favorite mold from this current batch. Fun and challenging to make. 
I tape the molds together while they are drying out.

Exploded view of mold pictured below

This is a mold of a jar.

Different view of same mold pictured above.

Process of making a mold of a lid. The angle of the opening in the handle made for some tricky seam sculpting.

The mold of above process photo.

Exploded view of mold of a lid for jar.

 This is a pretty big mold about 16 inches in diameter. It was designed for press molding and does not have an appropriate spare, or pour gate as I was taught to call it, for slip-casting.

Exploded view of above mold.
You can really see the scratches in my camera!