Welcome to my blog about making molds. My name is Alex and I am a sculptor, ceramist, and mold maker working near Santa Fe, NM. I created this blog to promote my side-business making plaster molds for other clay artists. Please contact me if you need some made.


Hello, and thanks for checking out my new blog. My name is Alex and I am passionate about ceramics, public art, skateboarding, and my girlfriend Mary ;). In the art world, I tend to work in two veins: hand-built figurative sculpture mixed with press-molded tile patterns. The latter has required a lot of plaster mold making, which in time became something I love to do. Primarily I try to do public art commissions, but that work isn't yet steady and in those in between times I fall back on a myriad of skill sets. More and more that has become making molds for other clay artists. Believe it or not, I actually like making molds, which is only funny because it seems like most other people don't. For me, this fill-in work is fun and most importantly keeps me in the studio, and pays for a roof over my head when I'm not getting paid to make my own art. I've been sporadically making molds for other people the last 5 years. In that time I have made hundreds of molds for myself and other artists. Usually it's for people that are local, but upon moving from North Carolina to New Mexico, I have started shipping molds too. I am grateful to have this kind of work and hope you will contact me if you need some molds made. If I'm not in the middle of a big commission, I would be stoked to accommodate you.